Question PC Freezing for a few seconds


Nov 6, 2016
Hi,my pc started freezing recently for no reason and I have no idea what I could do

latencymon shows this
however,the results were from 0 load,left idle for most of the time and web browsing and watching
youtube/online tv for like 2 hours

while gaming,I get another error in latencymos,despite changing psu
I even changed everything in bios to performance mode,but still did not help...

my msinfo
it was too big to upload on pastebin,the main problem here are the conflicts,which seem too many

my dxdiag

it freezes for a few seconds,but just that,it comes back

I once got a bsod with error irql_not_less_or_equal
but this was before changing my psu if that counts

pc specs
i5 9400F
asus h310m prime-k r2.0
16gb ram ddr4 2666mhz 2x8
asrock phantom gaming rx 580 oc 8gb
1tb ssd
2tb hdd
corsair tx 550m 550W 80+gold

my gpu hits a max of 80 C,but it apparently startes to throttle at 90
my cpu hits 80 C too,but I am not sure if it throttles too or not
these temps are in load though

And I should specify that my electric voltage is unstable,as a bulb can go from barely have any light to full light in less than a second

Do you guys have any idea what could be the cause?
Or what could I do?