Question Pc freezing in games AND off game

Dec 13, 2019
My pc is normally running fine, but lately I can see some weird things in it: most games will freeze after 1 hour or so of playing them and they will completely stop working. The only way to close them is to go to the task manager and killing the process there.
Sometimes, way less often, my entire pc will completely crash and freeze, only the audio will keep playing. After this happens I am forced to turn off the computer by cutting the power, and most of the times it wont turn on again until a couple of mins later.

I thought it could be the temperature but it doesn't rise at all.

Some other annomalies Ive found is the computer's fans going nuts every now and then, but the temp is still alright.

I'd hightly appreciate any help on possible problems it could be going through and ways to fix them pls :(

About the components of the pc:

Graphics card is an Aorus 1080ti
Cpu intel i7-7700K
Ram corsair 16GB in 2 8GB sticks. Model: G.skill trident z rgb ddr4 3000 pc4-24000
PSU Corsair RM650i 650W 80 plus gold modular
Motherboard MSI Z270 gaming plus

Liquid cooling for the cpu so it isn't really a temperature problem and Ive checked the temp constantly for some time and it doesn't seem to rise at all

Any other information at all that you need Ill answer as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for the help ^^
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