Question PC freezing once a day mostly while gaming

Aug 17, 2020
Hello! I've got an ongoing problem with regularly freezes once a day (sometimes after 1 hour, sometimes after 8 hours). Most of the time when I play games (mostly CS:GO & Fifa 20) my PC freezes but only once a day. After the freeze I can go on without any problems until the next day. Rarely it happens when I'm on the desktop, doing nothing or using Videoediting Softwares or so on. The problem exists now over a year and I really tried everything what my friends and I know.
When I'm using Benchmark tools and stress tests the PC is working without any issues (over 72 hours tested straight with 3D Mark, Prime 95 and RAM tools in Windows 10 and outside of Windows 10). Nothing is overclocked or on a higher voltage than it "should" be.

Things we already tried:
  • Reinstall Windows 4 times over the time (also a custom ISO named ReviOS)
  • Switching the GPU to another PCI-E port
  • Trying out 2 different SATA SSDs
  • Monitoring and deleting task schedueler tasks
  • Checking Windows Event Viewer after crashes (the error message is always that Windows could'nt shutdown safely because I have to press the power button some seconds while freezes)
  • Updating and downgrading drivers
  • Different power plans
  • Using only the most important programs after a clean install
  • Updating the BIOS
Until now I really have no idea if the problem is a hardware or a software issue.

If this question is in the wrong thread please move it to the right one, thank you!

My specs:
Nvidia Titan Xp
Intel i7 6700k
Not the boxed cooler but I have no idea which cooler I have build in
32 GB Ram 2133 Mhz (CAS Latency: 15 - 16 - 18 - 20)
Asus Z-170 Pro Gaming
Corsair RM 750x
Windows 10

I don't have any problems with overheating (max CPU temp is about 70 degress and GPU 90 maximum degrees celsius)
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