Question PC freezing ( Sorry for my english in any case )


Oct 17, 2016
Hello ,guys ! I should have asked this question a long time ago but i didnt know it will get this serious . So a couple of days ago my pc started freezing for no reason , it didnt frozed till now in games but it did in browser navigation . After 2-3 restarts it would stop but anyway ,sometimes it does . The reason i said i should have post this ,it's because at the end of 2018 i bought a couple of new components like motherboard and cpu but i didnt replaced ram memory ,gpu and hdd , the hdd being bought in 2012.So , i put these new components in the case and after reinstalling OS i've seen that pc started running slower than it did before upgrading , like ,the installing of games was taking so long but after restart of the pc , it was normal like before, or while i was playing and i was trying to go to browser , the pc was lagging . I reinstalled once again OS and I dont know if i got used to but today i think its working pretty normal but still not the same before changing the components . The only hint i can give it to you its that S.M.A.R.T. application says that hdd is in normal condition but in task manager at resource monitor on disk tab the graphs shows the line at very high values constantly (they are like high mountains ). I dont know what to do and i really hope that the motherboard is not the reason . I hope you can help me and if not any types of help is welcome anyway !
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