Question PC Freezing up completely, Keyboard and mouse shut off at the same time.

Sep 29, 2020
This is going to be a long one, i apologize.

A month or so ago, my Gigabyte GA-Z97-H93 blew out its condensators, i literally saw fire coming out of my tower, but as far i could see everything was fine (Aside from the Mobo, obviously). The condensators that blew up were the one on the top side of the mobo, at the top of the tower, so i think i lucked out on that one really hard that it didnt hit any components with its fire.

I got a new mobo from a friend for a replacement to use for a while. That one worked fine for a few days, then suddenly just started more or less dying on me.

The symptoms were that it booted for a few hours, then just noped out, then a few minutes, then a few seconds... At the end, it barely booted at all. I have no more information on this, unfortunately. (He did say the Mobo wasnt working perfectly anymore for him, that he had troubles with it before, it was meant as a temporary solution anyway)

Decided to go for a new mobo (AsRock Extreme4) since its close to the same layout as my Gigabyte.

Installed everything as i should, put new thermal paste on the CPU, first boot everything was fine and well... Until it wasnt, a few days later the freezes started happening. Noticed my GPU fan wasnt spinning and my CPU fan at a slow rate, even under load, so i forced both fans to run at a 50%-75% at all times, it seemed to fix it.

Then a few days later, while gaming, PC froze again, just froze, instantly, no warning nothing. i also noticed my Keyboard and Mouse completely turned off too. It doesnt happen often at all, which is weird. I had 2 freezes in about a week of use. I also think, altho its hard to say for sure, that when it happens one of my fans in the case start spinning up quite hard (i THINK its the GPU fan, next time this happens i'll try to not panic as hard and check which fan it specifically is)

So to troubleshooting hell i went.

So i started troubleshooting in-depth. What i did so far: - Installed a new PSU. Went from 550W to 600W just to make sure. - Reinstalled Windows 2x - Reseated CPU/GPU. - Checked Voltage/Heating of CPU/GPU. (I think my GPU overheated before, since MSI Afterburner decided the fan-speed had to be 0% for some ridiculously stupid reason.) - Upped fan speed on CPU/GPU to both be around 75% (This did make it run without much issue, however the freezing still happens very infrequently) - Replaced CMOS. (The one that came with the Mobo seemed dead, time wouldnt properly update and whatnot, installing the new CMOS did fix this) - Checked underneath Mobo for screws (that could cause shortings) - Ran memtest: Everything was fine. - Ran chkdisk: Everything was fine. - Installed a SSD 'health checker': said my SSD was 96% healthy. - All the freezes seem to be happening while gaming, altho i game most of the time on this PC, so that's not much of a thing to go off. - Checked Temps of PC while under load. The highest my CPU gets is about 60-65 Degrees Celsius when under HEAVY load, GPU at about 30 - 40 Celsius under the same load. (Gamed for about 6-7h in one go this weekend, didnt freeze once in that time, while maintaining these temps). - Sometimes my Screen has trouble detecting its input on first boot of the day (HDMI, connected to the GPU. HDMI replacement is underway) - Checked Event Viewer but all it gives me are criticals along the lines of: "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly." Thats all it gives me, nothing specific mentioned. - GPU is slighty Overclocked (1050Ti OC clocked it up a small bit from the max amount i googled that would be allowed, always stayed under that max anyway, since i wasnt planning to kill my GPU for it.) - googled anything related to these symptoms but nothing i found fixed it completely.

Other Things i have tried since making this post:
  • Stress tested CPU: No problems.
  • Stress Tested GPU: No problems.
  • Did a /scannow with cmd, encountered and fixed some issues. (Pc did crash again shortly after doing this, so did it again to doublecheck and it passed with no errors after the last occurred crash.)
  • Something i've just noticed, i heard some sort of 'scratching sound' when the fans on the gpu are spinning at about 75 - 80%. When i tone it down to 25 - 40% its more of a ticking sound. Maybe this means something, maybe it doesnt. Thought i'd add it to be thorough.

Specs: -

OS: Windows 10 Ultimate Edition? x64
RAM: 16GB DDR3 HyperX Fury
HDD's: 250GB Kingston SSD
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1050Ti OC (Slightly overclocked)
CPU: Intel I7-4790
Mobo: AsRock Extreme4
PSU: be quiet! System Power 9 600W (

When this freeze happens, either it shuts down on its own, or i have to shut it down holding the power button. It will >not< reboot (it does boot momentarily, but then shuts off again almost immediately) again after that, it is stuck in this 'boot cycle'. i have to click my I/O button on PSU to off for a few seconds, then back on before it boots again (and it does boot properly and acts like nothing happened after that)

Guys, i'm at my wits end, i dont know what else i could even possibly do. MY gutfeeling tells me my GPU is on its way to scrap heaven, but i dont have the money to replace that right now.

If anyone has some input/insight into what might be wrong, i'd greatly appreciate it, i cant seem to figure out whats wrong.
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