Question PC Freezing while playing games

Jul 18, 2019
I have an E5-1620 Xeon with 16GB Ram and i have also installed a RX470 4GB graphics card recently. Before that i had a Quadro 4000. The problem is while i had the quadro 4000 the games did not hang or freeze or such well the graphics quality was medium or low mostly. But the thing is I was hoping that the RX470 would be much better and could also hold good Fps at high graphics. Well it holds the Fps good but idk why the computer freezes for a while like 2 - 3 minutes and then back to normal. Keeps happening until i shut the game down. Any suggestiona or recommendations i really need help here please.

PC Tailor

Well the Quadro 4000 is a workstation GPU, not a gaming GPU.
And the same goes for the 1620 Xeon really. It's not made for gaming, it can do it, just not ideal.

What is the rest of your system spec including PSU make and model?
Did you clear all previous drivers using DDU before installing the RX470?
Do you have latest BIOS installed?
Have you monitored CPU / GPU temps under load?
Does this only happen under load?