Question PC freezing with loud screeching sound coming from headphones

Mar 29, 2020
Hi there, this is my first ever post here and I hope that's the right place to open it up ^^.

So I have had this issue since a month where when I play heavy load games like "World War Z" or "Doom Eternal" within the first hour or so my System just randomly freezes where I then have to manually restart it. When it does that I also get a really loud "screeching like" sound from my headphones wich is so loud that it literally hurts my ears and scares me when it happens. What I have found out that this only happens on some games aswell as when I play not very demanding games like "One Step From Eden".I can just play hours without anything happening. First here is my spec list:

-MSI RTX 2070 Gaming X (non super)
-I7-7700k @ 4.5ghz
-Asus Prime Z270-A
-16GB of Trident Z 3200 (dual channel)
-Coolermaster Masterliquid lite 240
-2 Western Digital blue's both 1TB
-1 Intenso 128GB SSD
-Patriot 500GB SSD
-Sharkoon TG6
-Corsair RM550x (80+ Gold)

I built this PC about 1,5 years ago and I had had my CPU Overclocked to 4.7ghz but when the first kind of this issue started I reverted everything I set up in my BIOS aswell as I reinstalled Windows and cleared everything that was on the PC. Yesterday I also ran Prime95 for 2 hours to have a CPU stresstest aswell as I did 2 hours of furmark and nothing happened there. After that I did a memtest and PSU test with OCCT aswell as a CPU and GPU stresstest again. Everything for 2 hours and nothing happened. All of my temps were in an acceptable range (CPU was at 60 degrees C and my GPU was at 72 degrees C).

If I have forgotten anything just please let me know since I am not that familiar with PC's and I also posted this on Reddit but they only redirected me to this place. I hope any of you guys might know a direction to where to look. I wish you guys a good weekend and stay healthy in these times!