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Question Pc freezing

Jun 8, 2020
hi my pc won't stop randomly freezing when i play video game it can be 10 minute in game or after 2hrs(Call of duty, Civilisation 5) i have to hard reset it everytime.

Thermaltake tr2 700w

I7 4790

samsung evo 850 500gb

wd Green 2tb

Hyperx fury ddr3 1600 c10 2x8gb

Asus MAXIMUS VII formula

Rx 5700xt

I delete temporary cleaning files and junk files

I run the System File Checker

I have updated all device drivers to the most recent

i run a memory check

I did 3 test with intelburntest and the temperature was very high 90-100c but the test was completed without problem

Any idea of what is my probleme
Thanks have a great Day


Apply new thermal paste to the heatsink, temps in the 90s is too high. If anything is overclocked set speeds to stock settings. Could be the power supply, it's almost 10 years old and not a great quality one. First thing is to go over the system and make sure it's clean, nothing blocking vents, fans are clean and all working.
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