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Jul 28, 2022
In the summer I bought a new computer and in almost every game I play it freezes but for a very short time. Finally i noticed that during its freeze most of the time the graphics card works stable but sometimes it goes to 50% or less

i7 12700k
rtx 3060 gaming x12gb
Corsair power supply 850w atx 24 pin RM850x
Kingston Fury Beast 16gb ddr5 6000 mhz (16 x 1 no 8 x2)
Asus socket 1700 prime z690-p
Samsung 500gb 870 Evo mz-77e500b
cooler : MSI MAG CoreLiquid C240
hdd : i have two toshiba 1tb each

also i have windows 11
and i have test games in ssd and hdd
Jul 28, 2022
brand and model of the psu?
how full is the ssd?
cpu/gpu temp and usage during the game?
Corsair power supply 850w atx 24 pin RM850x
ssd has 254gb free from 464gb
cpu usage in all game is : 20-50%
and gpu is 90-100% but when i play gta 5 is 30-50%
cpu temp i don't remember but when i stress my cpu i had 55-65
and gpu has 55-60 while gaming


Jul 7, 2011
A PC that freezes can be very annoying.
There are so many possible causes it is often difficult to isolate.
Here are a few of my suggestions that might help.

Download Memtest, create a bootable USB stick and boot the computer into a Memtest full RAM test and let it run overnight.
That should at least rule out your RAM or identify it as a problem.

Disconnect everything unnecessary....DVD drives, Media Dashboards, secondary hard drives, audio panels etc etc etc.
See if the system still freezes.

Reliability Report and Event Viewer
See if the reliability report or the Event Viewer can give you any indication of the cause.

Download, install and run HDDSCAN to see if you have bad sectors or if it freezes during testing

Not just the cpu. Your MoBo may have other chips on board that can overheat.
Check for power cables etc on top of chipsets that could retain heat.
Manually make sure ALL fans are working.

If there is a bottleneck in the Busses the GPU will reduce power becuase it is not processing as much data. Normal.

Very few things can help isolate problems like this than having two identical (or nearly identical) builds on hand.
While it can be prohibitively expensive, if you need multiple PC's it is a good idea to try to build them as close to one another as possible so
that you can swap parts between the two to troubleshoot. In my case I have two Asus ROG Strix based MoBos with AM4 cpus.

Still, I will often ask for suggestions here before going through the trouble of dissembling them for parts swapping / testing.

Long ago I worked for over a decade in local PC repair centers.
Things are different now, but still similar processes.
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