Pc frequently freezes.

Jul 3, 2019
Hey, I have frequent freezes on my pc were the mouse is fully responsive but not able to open things and videos freeze. Sometimes i get BSOD with codes like; critical proces died, unexpected store exception, memory management. This mostly happens when running games this started after moving the pc. Ram is checked, 2 drives too, gpu is unlikely since i never saw weird artifacts on my screen +furmark benchmark can run for a few hours . This is a very high-end pc, bios is updated,windows reinstalled, firmware on drives are up to date, drivers are up to date. Also the bsod doenst seem to create any dump file. Doing a cpu benchmark, the pc crashes. So this indicates a cpu problem?!! Wrong, when doing a stability test without cpu load the pc still locks up and crashes so I think my mobo is failing, is this possible after a car ride the mobo is a lil damaged?
here is a video about this problem:
View: https://youtu.be/StBVSUWMfsg
this problem started a few days after moving the pc but i checked all the cabels and visaully checked hardware and it seems to be fine. Sometimes this problem is gone and comes back after a few days. This is really annoying because I'm rehabilitating from a Braintumor I had and in between hospitals I only have my pc/gaming.. (not trying to be pity here just giving the context) Also I brought it to a pc repair shop and there they had no clue... I'm considering a buying a new pc while I have a pc here with part warranty.. Also when doing a benchmark this fan turns iregularly here is a video:
View: https://youtu.be/R1yfdKcttPE
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