Question PC Froze And Will Now No Longer Post


Mar 12, 2017
I have had my PC ,which I built, for about 4 years ago, and it has mostly been fine. It recently started to freeze up, probably about once every day or so, and today it would no longer post when I tried to boot it back up. The current behavior is that the fans will spin and the lights will come on except for the blue light on the power button, and there is no post. When I reset the CMOS, earlier on after the problem began, that it successfully booted up, but that has been the only time since. Some things I've tried out and noticed.
  • I removed my graphics card but it doesn't seem to make a different
  • When I remove my RAM, I get the beep notification telling me that there is no memory
  • I tried using a different, working PSU and that didn't make any difference
I'm about ready to take it in to the shop, but if there are any ideas, I'd appreciate it. Please see my specs for more info:

Update: It seems like none of the RAM slots work anymore. I've tried all combinations with both sticks of RAM and I keep getting a beep code. I also tried with different RAM that works in another computer and I get the same beep code.
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I'd recommend you do the same thing any of us, and any shop you take it to, would do, which is to bench the thing with minimal hardware. If you can't figure out what's wrong using that process, then it's unlikely a shop is going to be able to either. By process of elimination if you eliminate everything else, you're pretty much left with a faulty motherboard, but first do the work to find out.

If it won't boot with no drives attached, no GPU card installed (Use the integrated graphics from the CPU instead), one stick of memory in the A2 slot, and preferably also swap out the PSU for a known good power supply as you can have lights and fans and still have a bad PSU on one or the other of the various rails, then it's pretty likely it's a board problem.

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