Build Advice PC Gaming Build - RTX 3080 - Budget 2000€

Ryan Crommelinck

Mar 1, 2014
In 2016 I ordered a pre-built pc which worked fine for me but this time I would like to have a gaming rig tailored around my preferences. Seeing as I don't know that much about the different parts, I've come to the all knowing site Tom's Hardware.

First of all, the RTX 3080 will be the key component to this build. The rest of the parts are here to accentuate it and my personal preferences. An absolute must for me, I want to be able to play the upcoming games like Cyberpunk 2077, Baldur's Gate 3, ... in 4K with ray tracing enabled without skimping on the graphic settings. I am planning to buy a new 4K screen with HDR because HDR makes it look so much better imo. The refresh rate is not that important to me because I do not play shooter games competitively and I'm not sure if higher refresh rate offers anything substantial if I mostly play demanding RPG games, you can correct me on the HDR and refresh rates if I'm wrong. ( I have a seperate budget for the screen )

There's always the age old debate of AMD vs Intel, personally I don't really care that much but I've always used Intel my entire life. I saw that the I5-10600 is the best bang for your buck but I'm worried that this CPU is not that future proof, so I was leaning towards an I7-10th gen. Or should I wait until the new AMD CPU drops next month if it even drops then? I don't want to wait too long anymore.

Then there's the dilemma I had of which memory I should pick, 16 vs 32 RAM? I know 16 should be more than enough for gaming but I would like to dual screen whilst playing a game and on the other screen run bluestacks to play a mobile game. Whilst having some browsers and discord on as well but nothing too heavy other than that.

This time I want to have atleast 2TB of SSD because f*** HDD. I was thinking about going for a Samsung 970 EVO or do you guys recommend going with a different drive? And should I just take one drive of 2TB or split it in two drives of 1TB each?

In the department of the motherboard, CPU cooler and the PSU, I am a complete and utter noob so I will defer to your judgement.

And of course to wrap this baby up, a fitting case and all this around the price of €2000.

Can you help me make my dream gaming rig? :D I will take any advice in the form of a prebuilt pc with these criteria or just advising certain parts, literally anything will do. I hope to hear from you soon!
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Apr 27, 2020
AMD is best for value server world but Intel is for gaming for you c drive I recommend 2 M,.2 drives in raid and yes you want to 10 gen I chose EVGA due to the fact i get a 10 year warranty on there products for a few extra dollars