Question PC getting stuck while gaming due to overheating ?

Jan 27, 2021
Hi my pc is having some issue when i'm playing games (for eg.fortnite) my pc just stucks and on my monitor it shows no signal but i can still hear the sound of the game and for the first 10 seconds i can even talk with my friends but if i keep it on for a few time i can hear there voice but they cannot hear my and then the sound just starts cracking then i just turn my computer off by holding the power button.

Dell Precision T3610 Workstation

CPU:Xeon E51650 v2(130W)
GPU:Inno3d GTX 1060 6gb
RAM: 32Gb

So,after all this i called i guy to repair my pc and he cleaned the thermal paste from the copper pipes and the cpu as it was all dryed up and he said that everything is fine with the pc the reason why my pc is getting stuck is because of overheating and the heat of the cpu was even coming to the grill near the io ports and after he cleaned it the next day i was playing it happened again and then i installed msi afterburner to see the temps which are:

CPU:69 degree celsius
GPU:when i started playing it was 60 to 65 and then when i played for like 30 mins it was above 79 degrees celsius.

Please guys help