Question PC getting very slow download and upload speed.

May 7, 2023
I have had my pc for a year after buying it from someone else. It has no wifi card but i have been using a wireless ethernet adapter and it worked fine. I stopped using it for about 4 months and it has very slow speeds. it averages 3-10 mbps download. Im on a different network now and i am now using a usb wifi adapter. even if i use the ethernet adapter, it still gets slow speeds. On the xbox however i get 200mbps at least and the other computer in the house also gets 150-200 mbps. I have tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling, and it is the correct one. Ive flushed dns and changed the global thing in command prompt and alot of things. Any help please?? Hopefully this makes sense

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor 3.60 GHz
Ram: 32gb
Windows 11 64 bit


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Check and see if your motherboard has any BIOS updates pending. Speaking of motherboard, what is he make and model of your motherboard? As for your wireless adapter, might want to pass on a link to the adapter that you've been working with.
That is one of the worst type of adapters to use in a desktop machine.
That is designed for a laptop or other portable device where the size and portbility of the device is more important than its performance. Those tiny device tend to have lower transmitters to save battery power, which does not matter to a desktop, and it has small antenna. These antenna are being blocked by the large metal case since the USB device bare protrudes.

I would first try a USB extension cable and see if moving the device away from the case helps.

That device is using very old wifi would be called wifi4. You might get 30mbps.

Wifi is hard to say could be the wall/floors, ceilings are absorbing too much signal in your room. If the xbox is in same room as your computer maybe a better wifi nic will help. On a usb device you want ones designed for desktop. These tend to come with USB cables already attached and tends to be somewhat larger, some have external antenna.
That is not what I expect you meant since that device uses the electrical wires in the house not wifi.

Since there is no wifi involved in that path and you have issues on both ethernet and wifi it makes it more likely it is some software.

Problem is windows is a massive pile of bloatware lately so finding one little setting is a massive challenge.

I would start by confirming it is some issue with the machine itself. Move the machine near the router and use a direct ethernet cable...this is just to test and see if the problem goes away. If it works on a direct ethernet then it is something strange since it affects 2 different network types.

A simple test might be to boot into windows safe mode with networking. I am not sure if wifi will work depends on the drivers etc but ethernet should. This should eliminate most software issues but it unfortunately does not tell you what software.

You can also try a linux USB boot image. This completely removes windows from the picture and would show if it was some strange hardware issue. But again it does not show what software is causing the problems.

A couple common things that cause issues like this but it is purely just blind guessing if it fixes things.

Try to disable IPv6 support in the nic settings.
Look for any so called "qos" or gaming software that claims to give priority to certain types of software. This many times is bundled and installed with the bloatware you get with motherboards or video cards. A common name is cFosSpeed but there are a few. Uninstall any software like this.