Question PC gives 1 long beep and 2 shorts all the time even when it has no hardware attached.

Sep 18, 2019
Hello everyone,

I have a ryzen 2700X

Asus Prime x370 Pro

16 GB of T-force Night Hawk RAM

Asus 1060 OC 6GB GPU

512 GB M.2 drive

Seasonic Focus Gold 650W

Windows 10

BIOS 4801

I’m having a devil of a job sorting this problem out.

When I switched on I got 1 long beep and 2 short beeps so video card problem.

I took it out, reseated it and the same 1 long beep 2 short beeps.

Okay, I have an older PC which has a GTX660 and AMD FX8350 CPU.

Took out the GTX660 and placed it in the newer PC. Works! Booted up windows 10.

So the GTX660 works on the Ryzen 7.

Added the GTX1060 to the AMD FX8350 PC, works! Booted up into Windows 10.

Both GPU’s work in different machines.

Put the 1060 back into the newer machine and the same beeps. 1 long 2 short.

Now, these beeps happen the moment the power button is pressed.

POST doesn’t happen. No picture nothing. The beeps only happen once.

I stripped the PC down. I've reset the CMOS. Took out the RAM, GPU, Keyboard, Mouse and M.2 drive.

Switched on and that very second I get the same 1 long beep 2 short beeps. It does not change.

I don’t get any beeps to tell me any other hardware is missing.

I get no beeps when I have the CPU disconnected. When I reconnect it I get the same beeps 1 long, 2 short.

Any ideas what this could be?

The motherboard is still under warranty, so if that has to be sent back, no problem.

Kind regards
Sep 18, 2019
Thank Keith.
Just checked the manual and it says 1 continuous beep followed by 2 short is Memory.
That's just taught me about manufacturers have different beeps for different motherboards.
BUT, why the moment I turn on the power and not when POST starts?
I don't get any image.
Thanks for your advice. I will check out the memory now.
Sep 18, 2019
I placed one DIMM and I got the beeps.
I placed two DIMMS and I got no beeps.
I booted up into the BIOS and it shows a health 16GB of RAM.
So far, it's working.