Question Pc giving bsod and restarting

Apr 2, 2020
My pc stated giving me trouble from 28th march 2020

Ryzen 5 2600 non overclocked
Galax rtx 2060 6gb
16gb ddr4 2666mhz ram single channel
Gigabyte b450 ds3h wifi motherboard
1tb wd blue hdd
Corsair bronze 80+ 550watt psu

Windows 10 1909 64x

Complete pc assembled on 6th march 2020

It first gave the bsod
dpc Watchdog violation error
Then the pc restarted
After restarting green pixels started appearing on the screen and then it again gave bsod
Video scheduler internal error
Then the pc kept on going into this loop until the os wasnt able too boot up at all
After reinstalling the bios from usb the device manager gave the following errors

Pci device error (device not detected or not compatible)
Usb xhci host compliant controller

I tried various methods such as
installing nvidia drivers 442.5 which was previously 445.75
reinstalling windows os 5 times
formatting hdd
running windows defender offline scan
testing ram using memtest86
running disk cleanup

none of these worked

currently when windows tries and downloads nvidia drivers and switches the display adapters from microsoft display adapter to rtx 2060 the screen freezes every 5-10 seconds and then bsod appears showing
Video tdr failure
And after that pc restarts and gives black screen
Also to note that during this black screen the mouse and keyboard does not start i.e leds dont blink or start

Please help me ive been trying to solve this issue all day everyday and about to giveup with this thread as the last hope.
Apr 2, 2020
After reinstalling windows 10 version 1903 the pci device error has gone but the usb xhci compliant host controller error continues
Now running the windows in safe mode and checting drivers in device manager shows error in display adaptor for nvidia rtx 2060
And this continues even after installing diffrent version of drivers
Some times the pc gives black screen without loading windows and other times it shows no cable connected.