Question pc glitching and crashing

Jun 26, 2019
BEFORE YOU START READING: I decided to give up and just buy a new GPU as this is way too complicated. Any further comments will be ignored.

So I encountered this problem while playing a game called "Dying Light". I played it for the last two days. (Fyi my pc can normally handle it, no problem) On the first day, the game ran just fine. On the second day, I played a session with my brother, everything still fine. However, one and a half hours later when I opened the game, glitches started appearing and the PC eventually crashed, giving the error code "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DRIVER". (During these 1.5 hours, I didnt close the pc) I also tested it on other games and it also gave the same result. The next day I reinstalled windows and it kept crashing, but this time glitches started appearing quite early, while redownloading the game. I thought there was a problem with the cables, but they were perfectly fitted into their slots. What should I do? Attached you can find a video containing these glitches.
MoBo: Asus z97a
GPU: AMD Radeon R7 200
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who contributed, but after installing the newest driver, my pc wont work for more than 3 minutes without a fresh installation of windows, and gives random results while crashing, making it very hard to pinpoint what the problem is.
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May 22, 2019
Hello dammson.
You could try installing the latest version of CCC(Catalyst Control Center)
Select your video card and then install it, and restart your PC.
If that doesn't work, try:
Try updating your drivers to the latest version (the gpu's)
Check if your system's BIOS is up-to-date.
If both the video driver and the system BIOS are up-to-date, check with the manufacturer for recent driver updates.
Tell me if you have it overclocked, please tell me how much have you boosted memory+core.
Or even try buying another GPU. Sorry, but if nothing works, and other people tell you different things to do and they still don't work, you may have to get another gpu.
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