Question PC goes into limbo after a few minutes

Dec 1, 2021
I start my PC up, all the lights light up, the fan starts cooling, and then... nothing. The monitor shows no picture, it doesn't show "no signal", it shows a completely black screen. Keyboard numlock capslock scrolllock are not changing if I press buttons, all of them are dark. It's as if my computer is in limbo. However, after a few tedious restarts, waiting in-between, pressing restart, pressing shut down and then power up, manually disconnecting the power cord, resetting bios by unplugging the battery, it works... for a few minutes, or even seconds. Again, the lights light up, the fan starts cooling, monitor gets a picture, keyboard reacts to everything I do, and then... nothing, again. If I'm fast enough I can sometimes boot up into windows 7 that it has on it's 2012~ish ssd, but it just blue screen's and again, goes into limbo. I cannot provide specifications of the system for it is not mine, and I would have to boot up windows and into device manager to find out, which I can't do. Please, help.


Apr 24, 2021
Sounds like the motherboard or psu may be fried, but could equally be another part that is causing issues. Try disconnecting everything other than the motherboard, cpu, ram and psu and see if you can get to bios screen on onboard graphics.

if it magically starts working without the gpu or drives then it’s one of those causing the issue. If not then likely psu or motherboard.

it’s possible , but quite a lot of work, to transplant the psu into another system and check that it’s working normally, which would leave the motherboard as the only suspect.