Pc good for gaming?




I recently recieved an alienware area x58 as a gift back in july. Its loaded.

It has a Asus p6t dexule board, 2 ati 4870x2 video cards, and 6 gig of ram with windows 7.

It seems that im having some issues running some software.
for example,
I run crysis just fine with the newest ati catalyst for win 7.
Wolenstein ran great, fear 2 runs great, nhl runs fine..
but for some reason resident evil 5 doesnt run well at 8xaa.

When i run re5 under dx9 and crank up aa to 8x ir tuns fine but with dx10, i take a massive fps hit down near 12 fps.

This software is even optimized for the core i7950 which I have. Yet it runs like that with 8xaa.

Crysis ran lousy until ati released a driver update for it.

my temps are ok. I checked the port speed of my agp and they are both running 16x.
I was running vista 64 and thought id get a performance boost with windows 7, nothing at all.

Im guessing it comes down to ati's software support for that title??

could that be?

i would think with TWO 4870x2's and a core i7 950 I could run ANYTHING with full efffects?
ATI did tell me that the latest catalyst drivers do have support for cross and QUAD fire.
Even when I run this game with ONE card, it still takes a massive fps hit

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you