Question PC hard crash, OCP triggered: GPU or PSU at fault ?


Jan 22, 2017
Ryzen 5 3600 (stock)
Asus B450-E
MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G
Corsair RM550x (6 years old)

My PC suddenly crashed while playing Phasmophobia, seemingly triggering the OCP as I had to flip the PSU switch off and on again for it to be able to boot back up. Upon rebooting, Windows seemed to be corrupted. After a clean windows install and booting up Phasmophobia again, the same thing happened (including OCP and corrupted windows). After the second time, I kept losing video signal either during windows installation or on the home screen, without actually crashing the pc. Video signal wouldn't come back until I rebooting the pc, most of the time resulting in a corrupted windows once again.

I borrowed an old GPU (HD 5950 I believe) and my PC has been running perfectly fine with it, so I assume my 980 Ti was at fault. Is it safe to assume this, or could it still be the PSU? I'm about to receive a brand new 3060 Ti and I'm kind of scared to plug it in, as I'm still feeling unsure about the PSU being faulty or not (as it's 6 years old). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


A PSU that's 6 years old often can and will be the root of your issue. You're advised to source a donor PSU(not buy one) and see if the issue persists in order to rule out the PSU being incapable of delivering power to the entire system. You might want to use DDU and rid your platform or all GPU drivers, then manually reinstall the latest driver for the GTX980Ti and see if the issue persists. Lastly, I'd advise sourcing a 650W~750W PSU if you intend to drop inn RTX3060Ti in there. At this moment of time, you're short on power for the GTX980Ti...going by this info. An aged PSU will certainly output less power than it was advertised, over time.