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Sep 5, 2017
Hello everyone reading this,

I have a long story with my problem and a summary of the problem, if you want, scroll down to the topic to read the summary!;)
Long story:
A few months ago I upgraded my PC's motherboard, cpu, powersupply, RAM and cpu cooling to play Battlefield V on higher settings and with higer FPS.

I don't exactly remember the kind of motherboard I had but I can give an overview of the upgrades:
Motherboard: From: Medion (somethin) to: asus maximus hero vi
CPU: From i7 2600 to: i7 4770k
RAM: from: 8 gb to 2x 8 gb corsair vengance (16gb total)
Power supply: from: 450w to 700w
CPU cooler: from office grade cpu fan to: NZXT kraken x42 water cooler.

I've upgraded these parts because on the old parts Battlefield V would run on low settings with around 40 fps. With the new parts I can play Battlefield V on high settings with 90 fps on average.

I kept my GPU the same, which is a Nvidia Geforce 1060 3gb.

Overall I'm very statisfied with the setup. However, after upgrading Battlefield V would either crash itself or would completely freeze my PC and I would have to hard reset.
The times it crashes are random, sometimes it would take 5 minutes to crash and sometimes it could take an hour or more. There is also no special action or place the game freezes or my PC freezes, it just happens randomly and the sound will replay the last bit constantly. My RGB keyboard which is normally set to have a wave of colors across it will also stop and freeze at the colors at the time of the freezing.

After trying a lot of stuff to figure out what it could be I couldn't find a solution and stopped playing Battlefield 5 all together..
Other games I have played don't cause any freezing or hard crashes, so I have been focussing on those games.

In the meantime I have played many games without any crashes. However, I have played Ghost Recon Wildlands quite a bit without any crashes or freezes. But about 2 weeks ago the game had an update, after the update I decided to play again and see the changes. And what do you know, the game hard crashed my PC. So I tried again after rebooting and the game hard crashed my PC again..

It's like some "modern" games have a certain file that triggers some PC's to hard crash.

I've tried a lot of things to solve it and none of which had any good result.

Most forums I visited told me my PC overheats and that's why the games crash. However I decided to see if this would really be the case, and the temperatures were not critical or anything when again Wildlands crashed.

I decided to stress test my PC, I let it run for a while and nothing happend, my PC didn't crash although the temperatures were high and my cpu and gpu were using max power.

I have also reset any overclocking, which didn't help. Also I tried any XMP setting and at each both games would hard crash my PC.

All my drivers are also up-to-date.

I also reinstalled windows 10 to see if that would help, but sadly no luck.

I'm at a loss at the moment, it's like something in newer games is triggering my PC to crash but I can't figure out what.

Does anyone else have the same issues? Or does anyone know what it could be? Please let me know!


PC hard crashes playing Wildlands or Battlefield V but doesn't crash any other game.
When: At any given moment during gameplay of Battlefield V or Ghost Recon Wildlands. Sometimes also when leaving the game and browsing through my PC.
- Asus Maximus VI Hero
- Intel i7-4770k
- Geforce 1060 3gb
- 2x 8gb corsair vengance RAM
- 700w power supply
- Watercooled NZXT Kraken x42 cpu cooler
- 256gb SSD
What I tried:
- Reinstalling Windows 10
- Reinstalling both games
- Reinstalling drivers
- Update all drivers
- Stresstest (with no result)
- Reset overclock settings
- Reset XMP profiles
- Update motherboard
- Run both games as admin and without Origin and Uplay overlays
- There might be more I tried that I don't remeber right now (I have tried a lot)
Weird side notes:
- Only happens with GR:Wilands and Battlefield V
- Played many other games without any hard crashes
- When I open Word I get an error saying it misses .dll files ( don't know if it can have anything to do with it)

I did another stresstest, my CPU itself seems like a normal/fine temperature. The cores however are hot: I'm not sure if this is bad or not. It didn't crash my PC though.

Played some Wildlands to check temperatures. Played for around 30 minutes. The game didn't crash but the temperatures were like this:
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Sep 5, 2017
Little update:
I started playing Wildlands yesterday and it didn't crash. I played for about 30 minutes and quit. I haven't played Battlefield V in a few months so I figured maybe the new updates might have solved my problems. I played for about an hour with about 10 minutes on the traininggrounds and afterwards 50 minutes in a match. My PC didn't crash.
I closed the game and played some Ring of Elysium without any trouble. Afterwards I decided to try Battlefield V again. Upon starting the game it showed the loading screen with the Battlefield V logo in windowed mode when it crashed my PC again.


Sep 5, 2017
I've decided to buy a new Mobo, CPU and RAM. This sunday it will arrive and I'll give an update on if it worked or not.