Question PC has become unstable when gaming since installing new RAM

Jan 16, 2023
Ok so...I recently bought and installed new Ram into my system. This ram is newer/faster and supposedly better than my last pair of sticks. But since doing so my system has been a lot more unstable with it running out of memory seemingly a lot easier than before as well as Windows crashing and restarting when under moderate load (no blue screen or system restart, but the taskbar and desktop screen goes black before showing again) using the same programs and settings, especially while gaming and watching video on second screen and when using VR games (which worked totally fine before with no memory problems).

Some extra detail that's relevant is that I enabled XMP on my motherboard for my old sticks of RAM which worked totally fine too.

I checked my motherboard supported the displayed maximum speeds on my new sticks beforehand, and the MB documentation said that it does.

I tried manually changing the speeds by going down each time to see if stability returned, unfortunately it didn't, even with XMP turned off which still resulted in crashing under intensive load which has left me puzzled.

To the best of my knowledge the sticks are in dual channel and in the right place,
... but here is a picture just in case (ba-dum-tss):

Here is my new RAM (which i'm having problems with at 3600mhz and below):

Here is my old RAM (which worked fine at 2400mhz):

Brief system specs:
CPU, Ryzen 7 5800x
MB: Gigabyte B450M DS3H
RAM: Kingston FURY Renegade 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) 3600 MHz DDR4 CL16

Full System Specs:

Manual for my MB:

Any insight or help would be much appreciated. Hopefully there's something i've missed or a mistake i've made which can help me. Contemplating getting a new motherboard, but I worry this may be overkill, so I wanted to ask you guys first before I investigate system upgrades!