Question PC has been giving BSODs on shutdown for the past year ?

Oct 21, 2021
For the past year my PC has been crashing either when I sign out or shut down. This does not happen every time however. It can occur within every few days up to a month apart from each other. The pc will crash with the error 'VIDEO MEMORY MANAGEMENT INTERNAL', with the bugcheck 10e. Since then I have had the motherboard, CPU, RAM and GPU replaced, as well as reinstalling Windows and scanning for corruptions. Before having the parts replaced I did update my bios, however that did not fix the issue. When my pc was returned to me the bios was downgraded again. If anyone has any idea what could possibly be causing this issue I would massively appreciate your help! Here is a Speccy link to my system summary:

Here is a link to the crash log:!AqPdP5aKyyHmg_lZWcl2bq3DEGGbTA?e=r0JR1k

Since this crash I have updated my BIOS, as well as my chipset and audio drivers. I have also upgraded to Windows 11. Hopefully these fix the issues. I am not very good at understanding crash dump logs so if anyone could help me out with that I would massively appreciate it!