Question PC has intermittent POST and peripherals issues ?

May 27, 2023
PC issues

Hey y’all

Moved into my new place, I set my rig up to configure some router stuff, everything was good. I was able to do what I needed to, and powered-down. Fast-forward to this morning I go to power it back on only to find no peripherals were working. Displays had power but no HDMI signal, no keyboard or mouse. Everything else seemed to have power. All fans spin, lights on MoBo, etc. I check all connections on the board and all look solid. I start to run through the common practices, CMOS battery was taken out, RAM re-seated. Re seating connections to the power supply, re-seating CPU/GPU..

After every step I attempted to power it up and it seemed to work just fine, I could reset, move the PC, jiggle cables, etc. everything except cycle the power. So I went through the process of re-seating connections virtually everywhere. Same thing, my system would work for one power cycle, I could get my OS to boot, all devices were recognized, all was good. Until I cycled power again, then nothing.

I have an older PC with the same 750w rating as my current one, did the swap test and getting the same results. At this point I’m thinking it’s the CPU or MoBo.

Took a multimeter to my 24 pin and all voltages were nominal.

Unsure if helpful but, during POST (I think) my cooler (H100i v2) will blink white, no light completely, very quickly blink white and red, go blank, then will remain solid white. This all happens very quickly and seems off-nominal. No peripherals after this as well.

Let me know what you think, thanks in advance.

Ryzen 7 5800
GeForce 3070ti
MSI Aorus 570x Elite
32gb RAM (2x16)
thermaltake toughpower gf1 750w
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