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Question PC has shut down 3 times in less than 24 hours due to temperature

May 15, 2020
My desktop has given the blue sad face screen 3 times in less than a day and shut down on me. When it restarts it says “CPU overheats causes error!” I monitored the temps and you can see below there are two that are spiking. Not sure what the problem could be.

First see if the fan is running. HWInfo 64 or other software can report this. Also check for dust clogged air intake/outlets and dirty heatsink.
Next see if the fan is speeding up as the temeperature rises. If not, removing the Blue PWM fan wire should send it to full speed. if not it's the fan. If it speeeds up then it's a MB problem.
You can also remove the CPU heatsink and re apply the thermal paste. It may be dried out.
if the heat can get form the CPU to the heatsink, and there is good airflow you shouldn't have a ccooling problem.
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