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Question PC has temperamental crashing problem

Jun 30, 2020
Quick edit: think I've partially figured it out. PS failing to provide enough voltage to graphics card.

Occasionally, something seems to freak out my graphics card or PSU such that any mildly-taxing DirectX game will crash my graphics card. Generally, this requires a hard reset but occasionally the driver catches it and recovers. It seems to be a tiny % of games that initially freak my PC out. Current one is Prophecy, which has a bug that causes the main screen to run GPU at 100%.


GTX670 (latest drivers (same problem with older drivers)
Windows 7 SP1 with DX11 update.

GPU Temp doesn't hit 50 deg C before the card/driver crashes but I think that's GPU Temp not registering it.. CPU temp doesn't spike. I think I've seen it hard crash running VideoLan once and sometimes Windows has problems fully booting but when it does I can generally run any non-3D application fine.

Historically, if I leave the computer off for 8 hours, this problem gets better and, with avoiding such games, goes away completely.

Outside of this problem, the speakers make a loud "pop" if the power is turned off at the PSU... and often a less-loud pop if I turn it back on again within 5s. Unsure if related.
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