Question PC has trouble crashing on a lot of games


May 11, 2021
I've had my PC for about 2 years now and have upgraded where I thought I needed to like the PSU. I'm on my last rope here and I made sure to look everywhere I could and troubleshoot to my best ability to find what is wrong with the possessed PC that I've built. Anyway, I have many of the games in my library crash upon startup. At first, I thought this was a specific game problem until I went on to find demanding games that I tested when I first built the system like Metro Exodus ran fine are now crashing upon startup. I've tried many Nvidia drivers, updated anywhere that was needed, checked my ram, updated bios, you name it and I've probably done it. If anyone can provide some insight on what could be wrong I'd appreciate the help.


When posting a thread of troubleshooting nature, it's customary to include your full system's specs. Please list the specs to your build like so:
CPU cooler:
considering you performed an upgrade, a before and after to the change would be beneficial to the community offering their ideas on troubleshooting your issue.

I've tried many Nvidia drivers,
Using DDU?
updated anywhere that was needed,
what did you update and where did you source the updates from? using a third party software like DriverBooster is bad.
checked my ram,
How did you do that?
updated bios,
For the sake of relevance, please state the BIOS version for your motherboard at this time.
you name it and I've probably done it.
It'd help if you stated case we're suggesting things that have all resulted in no fruition, leading to this thread's creation.
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May 11, 2021
CPU:i9 9900k
CPU cooler:EK-CoolStream Classic SE 360
Motherboard:Asus Z390 e gaming
Ram DDR4 32 gb
SSD/HDD:Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD 2TB NVMe M.2
GPU:Nvidia 2080ti
PSU:EVGA 1000w Gold
OS:Windows 10

-The first only only hardware upgrade was the PSU, I went from 850w to the 1000w.

-I did indead update drivers each time through DDU,and did clean installs each time.

-Not using any 3rd party software, just meant plenty of windows updates and checking my drivers manually through device manager.

-As for checking ram that was done through Memtest86

-Bios version is "ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING BIOS 2004" (I properly used the MeUpdate tool before installing the latest bios)

As for troubleshooting on games I've done the basics everyone suggests (which is mostly updating drivers). Running games as administrator, verifying files, checking if my microsoft c++ redistributables are up to date along with Direct X. Not much was done with my hardware and everything boots properly and no signs of any other problems. I can run plenty of other games fine, it's just as if a handful don't work. If I'm not clear or I need expand on more please tell me, I'm more then happy to.
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