[SOLVED] Pc have very weird connection problems that i cannot fix


Aug 3, 2017
I'll explain the the situation from the beginning. When I start my PC Up, The Internet seems to be working fine, But a few minutes later the Internet connection stops. I cant connect to any website (except of YouTube on Chrome) on any browser And the apps who use Internet don't work. A strange thing happens Where if I keep the tabs of the websites I opened before the Internet connection stopped Open, these websites still work until I close the tabs and then when I try to reopen them they don't work like the other Websites . I tried everything to fix it. Resetting network settings, reseting router, restart pc, fixing corrupt system files, changing dns, disabling ipv6, disabling firewall and anti virus programs, restoring windows versions and so on.. the problem is my pc, because the internet DOES work on any other device in my home. After dealing with this for a while im coming to the conclusion the only option is to just reinstall windows... Would appricate any other ideas if anybody has some. Thx