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Question PC highly underperforming

The un known

Jul 29, 2014
So recently my PC has been highly under performing in games, specially CS:GO. I used to be able to play comfortably at a little below 200 FPS but now I'm bouncing between 80-120 FPS.

PC specs:
i5 6600k
GTX 1060 Windforce 6GB
16gb ddr4 Gskill trident Z RGB
Asus B150 pro gaming/AURA

I also notice that my GPU utilization is around 40%-60% when I am playing CS:GO

These are my NVIDIA 3D settings:
View: https://imgur.com/a/DJuFnaw
@The un known
Assuming this is not related to changes in rendering settings, this sounds like your GPU is starved. Basically, your GPU is not getting enough data to process. Most often this occurs because the CPU is busy with something else. The best way to see what the CPU is up to, is to run the resource monitor. Alt-tab while gaming and see what your CPU is spending time doing. Also check your HDD/SDD performance. If your GPU is hitting 60% and something else is hitting XX% (and it's not game related) then why is this other process asking for so much CPU/GPU time.

Sorry this is not more of a "do this" answer, but it sounds like your system is working fine ... it's just that something is asking it to do more than you expect.