Question PC infinite black screen issue

Jul 28, 2020
I have had a very good gaming rig for a while now, I built it myself and have had no issues with it. Last night I had it in sleep mode just in case I wanted to game later but I couldn't as it was too late in the night. I powered it up from sleep mode to shut it down. The next day I turn it on again only for it to boot almost instantly, like it was only in sleep all night. I signed in to windows, then I let it idle while I used the bathroom. I came back to the usual idle black screen that you usually just wiggle the mouse for it to wake up, but it wouldn't. Everything seemed to be working fine but it refused to show anything on screen. I decided to turn it off from the front panel button which stopped power from it abruptly, and I could hear a faint squeaking noise coming from the system before it made the usual powering down noise. I came back to it about 30 mins later, to try again and the mobos boot LEDs said everything was working fine. But when it was loading, no boot noise, or bios loaded on my monitor. Everything loaded supposedly, the rgb changed to it's regular colors and the keyboards caps lock worked, suggesting the keyboard was functional, but no bios, no windows, no nothing. I need some guidance, I honestly can't tell what would be wrong with it. I did the windows key ctrl shift b shortcut to refresh the driver and output to monitor, nothing. I checked to see if it was the monitor, I plugged in my Nintendo switch and it worked fine. I tried a HDMI instead of display port, nothing. I need you guy's help. My rig was expensive and I saved for it on my own, I don't want it to die like this.