Question PC instability and random blue screens of death


Nov 13, 2014
What started as random game instability has become complete pc instability. My computer will randomly restart, blue screen, freeze. Sometimes I'll get a blue screen upon restarting as well and the error codes are never constant.

I've tried a bunch of fixes I found online to no avail. I'll try to compile a list of everything I've tried.
Ran the sfcscan now command in cmd prompt with no errors.
Ran the chkdsk command in cmd prompt on all drives with no errors.
Ran a system restore to an earlier point.
Clean installed windows and issues remained.
Updated all drivers.
Updated motherboard bios and reset all settings to default. (The only settings I've ever changed was enabling the xmp profile for my ram but I reset that as well.)
Ran memcheck86 for multiple hours/passes with no errors.
Removed each of my ram sticks one at a time and tested performance.
Uninstalled my cheap old HDD to determine if that was the case.

I'm going to attach the my msinfo file and the latest MEMORY.dmp file found under C:\Windows. If there's any other useful information I could provide I would love to give it as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


MEMORY.dmp file:

Thank you very much.