Question PC intermittently won't post after cleaning, (no beep codes) . Possible Cause?

Mar 24, 2020
System Specs:

Corsair RM650 PSU
Asus Prime Z270-P MOBO
Intel i7 770k CPU
GEforce GTX 960
Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2x8GB
Noctua NH-D15 cooler
Samsung 860 pro SSD x2
Samsung 860 EVO Plus M.2
Windows 10 Pro


I decided to clean by PC out the other day, using compressed air duster. The only component i removed was the GPU so i could clean that out separately.

After putting it back together, it immediately would not post (no beep codes). Motherboard and GPU still lights up and system fans are running. No display.

I then opened it up again and checked all power supply connections, check RAM was still seated, basically gave it a once over and checked all the components and connections.

Turned it back on and it posted. Thought problem solved!

Unfortunately a few days later it randomly blue screened and shut off and would no longer post again, exactly the same scenario as the first time it didn't post.

I did exactly the same checks i performed the first time, except this time i took everything apart and put it back together as if it was a new build.

Turned it back on and again it booted up fine, I decided to also format and re-install windows at this point in case it was simply a software issue.

Later that day while gaming, it froze up and i had to do a hard shut down. After that it again wouldn't post.

This time i just left it for a while and booted it up and it was fine. The next day i went to turn it back on ans again it wouldn't post, still exactly the same scenario as the first. Everything is running, just that it won't post and no display.

Things i may have done to cause it?

I didn't wear and ESD strap when performing the initial clean - i didn't notice any static electricity though
At one stage the compressed air can spurted liquid gas onto the MOBO (saw it freeze and evaporate)

What may be going on here?

The different ways in which it has shut down and/or froze, and the way it seems intermittent makes it difficult to troubleshoot .
The only commonality here is that when it's left off for a while and/or taken apart it seems to solve the problem (if only for a day or two until it happens again.
The way it behaves when it doesn't boot is as though there is no RAM, but then the RAM seems to function fine when it does finally post

Anyway, any advice on my best course of action to further trouble shoot would be amazing, or any thoughts from the fault description as to what may be the cause?



Oct 8, 2019
Perhaps reseat all the cards, cables and connectors in case something came loose while you were cleaning. Reseat the CMOS with the jumper. You may have damaged the motherboard with the liquid gas spillage.