Question PC is behaving oddly, including stuttering with noticable FPS drops in games


Nov 15, 2017
Hey there, I have been having problems with my pc for the last week and am really lost, so I would really appreciate the help. While odd behaviour on my PC (explorer crashing, random programs freezing, minor FPS drops) have been a problem for more time, the last week has become especially bad. The browser often crashes, and scrolling on the web introduces random stutters (not sure how to explain it, but it just feels like the browser has 15 FPS in sections of a website that is graphically more intense). I also started getting different BSODs (page fault in nonpaged area, irql not less or equal, attempted execute of noexecute memory). The graphical stutters/glitches also sometimes appear in Windows, when moving windows around or opening a tab from the taskbar. Lastly, I have seen significant FPS drops in games, specifically League of Legends. I can start the game with 300 FPS, but as the game progresses it drops down to 100 FPS, even though the PC should be able to handle that. Lowering the graphics settings doesn't help with improving the FPS, hence why I don't think this is a GPU related error.

To sum up the symptoms:
  1. Apps crashing on launch or on certain actions (for example when opening a new tab in a browser)
  2. Graphical stutters when browsing the web and/or in Windows (when moving windows around, switching between programs using ALT + TAB)
  3. Occasional BSODs with different error codes (page fault in nonpaged area, irql not less or equal, attempted execute of noexecute memory) -> I haven't experienced this since turning off Asus Optimized in BIOS and disabling XMP for RAM
  4. Significant FPS drops in games, which occur after some time playing (never at the beginning)
  5. Occasional I/O disconnects (this is very rare, but my keyboard and mouse sometimes disconnects for a second or two)
PC Specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600​
MOBO: Asus Prime B450M-A​
RAM: 2x8 GB TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4 3000 MHz, currently running at 2400 MHz​
CPU cooler: SCYTHE Mugen 5 Rev. B​
VGA: KFA2 GTX 1660 6GB​
PSU: Cooler Master B500 v2 500W​
SSD: Crucial MX500 500GB (OS drive)​
HDD: WD 1TB Caviar Blue​
OS: Windows 10​

Steps I have already taken to resolve this myself:
  1. Clean wiping GPU drivers with DDU and reinstalling them
  2. Updating BIOS to latest stable version
  3. Reseating the GPU and checking the cabling
  4. Monitored GPU and CPU temperatures during gaming and usage which came out as normal
  5. Stress tested the CPU, GPU and RAM with multiple tests, both individually and simultaneously, but apart from the simultaneous test locking up the system until it was done, it all seemed normal
  6. Running a 3 hour MEMTEST to check for RAM failures, no errors in 4 passes
  7. Running the Windows memory diagnostics test (no errors)
  8. Running chkdisk and sfc for possible corruption
  9. Reinstalling Windows (had BSOD immidiately after getting back into Windows)
  10. Reset BIOS to defaults (disabling both the Asus Optimal profile which overclocked the CPU as well as disabling XMP for RAM)
    1. this seemed to solve (at least for now) the BSOD problem, but the other issues still remain
  11. Tried reseating the RAM, running the system with only one RAM stick, trying different RAM slots to no help
  12. Inspected the motherboard for any physical damage, but none could be seen
I have narrowed it down to either being a broken motherboard or a PSU problem (the PSU is pretty old), but I'd like to narrow it down completely so I don't waste any money replacing parts. I'm thinking either the Asus overclocking could have killed the motherboard due to it not being a good overclocker, or PSU voltage fluctuations causing shortages to components. I appreciate all the help, feel free to ask any follow up questions.