Pc is choosing what hard drives to recognize


Sep 23, 2016
I often have a problem with PC that is not recognizing my Disk drive or HDD or now my Network card. It's a problem within HDD maybe, i need a good solution to this. So sometimes my HDD is working but when it's working my Disk drive is not working, And also When disk Drive is working my HDD is not working. And yesterday the problem started when my HDD started to work but my Network card is lost then, in Device Manager it's showing Warning Sign on it, it also showed same sign when HDD wasn't working, so i don't think it's Bios problem.
Hey there, @Spartacor!

Could you please share more details about your PC specs and how your desktop is configured. If the system indicates issues with your storage drives and your network card, then it's possible that the source of the problem is somewhere else. Since you will be troubleshooting the hard drive, please make sure you backup all important data from it somewhere off-site first! This is the surest way to avoid any potential data loss.
Afterwards, use your HDD manufacturer's brand-specific diagnostic utility to determine the health and SMART status of the drive. If the HDD seems to be disconnecting from time to time, I'd strongly recommend swapping the SATA cable and the SATA port on the motherboard where the drive is connected. It is possible that a faulty connection is causing your problems.

Give these a try and let me know how they go.