Nov 28, 2018
I went on vacation a few months ago and unplugged everything and ended up having a power outage in which ended up powering off my PC, I got it to boot up again and thankfully nothing was fried; However, with that power outage come a bunch of blue screens and I would get a different one each time. It started off with stuff like IRQL not less or equal, to then PFN LIST CORRUPT, BAD POOL CALLER and now the most frequent ones are MEMORY _ MANAGEMENT and SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. I've tried changing out RAM, I've tried taking out and putting back in the pieces and I've bought new SSD's and while those worked briefly for a few weeks the two frequent aforementioned BSOD's would come back. I'm not sure what to do or how to fix it.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled windows 10, I've uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers that would let me, I've updated windows and tried just about all that the more common google search fixes for these BSODs and nothing has seemed to work.