Question Pc is dead but don't know what part is the problem

Jun 17, 2021
My pc is dead for 2 months and i don't have it right now with me. The problem is when i was watching video on youtube my pc did kinda go nuts and screen go black , some weird noises like it's blue screen but there was no blue screen it was all black and "no display" sign . And after that pc did go off. After a minute i smelled smoke and the fear begins. After all that happend i tried to start to pc again and everything did work but there was no display and my gpu fans didn't spin. So i thougt my gpu is dead but i asked 2 different people and one of them did say my gpu and motherboard is dead and other one said my cpu is dead so i dont know who to trust and don't know what to do maybe u guys can help me. Should i buy another cpu or throw my pc to garbage ? cuz i cant efford another gpu and there is no gpu in the store soo... (sorry for my bad eng)



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