Question PC is fine for 30 minute - a few hours intervals then gets BSOD with a reference by pointer error.

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May 20, 2022
Scratch that, I found them under services in Auto runs and have unchecked them. Yes I ill share screen shots for you. When is morning for you btw? How many hours?


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Jun 12, 2015
did you do this bit?

Go to C:\Program Files\Dell\DellDataVault and delete the Dell Data Vault and Dell Data Vault Wizard applications or move them someplace in case you want them back. Then go to task manager:services and stop them.
as that should stop it.

its part of Dell Support Assistant. Should have been removed when you took it off.

Just Disable it. Start Task Manager, go to Services tab, find and right click on DDVDataCollector, then click (Open) Services, find & right click Dell Data Vault Collector, go to Properties and change Start Up Type to Disabled.
looked at the most current bugcheck.
verifier is on and detected a pool leak in the game driver for
Timestamp: Fri Jun 3 09:55:28 2022

you will need to exclude this driver from verifier testing if you want to continue looking for driver bugs.

verifier.exe /standard /all /driver.exclude vgk.sys
verifier.exe /reset
(will turn off all verifier testing)

this will skip vgk.sys driver from testing since it never passes the tests
Driver Verifier Command Syntax - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

the older bugchecks looked like a device was being removed by plug and play. For this bugcheck you should change the memory dump type to kernel and provide the kernel dump
c:\windows\memory.dmp file.
this will include the info from the plug and play subsystem so it can be debugged. memory tag just indicated the driver was pnpi
(plug and play internal function)

note: the most current bugcheck where the system was running for 17 seconds looked very good in terms of drivers.

the older bugchecks with plug and play issues run much longer but 3 core windows files were modified and had the checksums removed so they can not be checked for changes. This would mean something was making changes to the files in memory after they were loaded from disk.
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May 20, 2022
Why just disable and not delete?

Sleep well, hope the headache wil be gone.
I already deleted this file : C:\Program Files\Dell\DellDataVault as well as deleted them off of autoruns. Was playing escape from tarkov for maybe 20 min and it crashed again. Same error, Reference by Pointer. I don't think ETF is the problem tho as this has been happening when just using chrome as well.
May 20, 2022
This is afaik taken from the device manager i am not talking about "C: Program Files", so open device manager, rightclick the "Dell data controll device" and choose delete. If you feel more comfortable with the option of disable is that up to you.
Every time I do try to delete it I just get another BSOD with a reference to pointer error.
May 20, 2022
Setting up kernel dumps is pretty much same process as setting up minidumps
follow option 1 here -
then scroll down to Have windows create a Kernel dump on BSOD
Hey guys, thanks for all youre help, i wound up fixing the crashes through deleting the drivers and phymem64.sys, however i went to play tarkov and i think i deleted en essential file to play the game while deleting stuff in auto run💀. So i had to end up reinstalling windows entirely. No more crashes and i am good. I appreciate youre help!
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