Question PC is getting power but won’t turn on.

Mar 6, 2019
PC: Lenovo E50-00 90BX

My PC won’t turn on and at first I thought it was the power adapter (the PC has an external power adapter) but it turns out when I was messing around today trying to diagnose the issue, I found this out; the the USB ports directly connected to motherboard give off some power, don’t know how much.
  • My VGA to HDMI adapter which also requires you to plug in this USB cable connected to the adapter which turns a light blue if it is connected successfully and the light turned blue when plugged in.
  • 1 USB mouse’s RGB lights turn on when connected including the red “laser” light on the bottom of the mouse. (don’t know it’s real name)
  • Another USB mouses “laser” on the bottom of the mouse turns on but not the RGB lights.
I tested a phone charger which didn’t work at all. Does anybody know what my issue is? Could it be the motherboard or something and how could I test/fix this?