Question PC is having screen blackouts that affect fps and cause input delay

Aug 29, 2021
Hello, I’ve been having issues with my new Pc build since I put it together and after at least 100 hours combined of research and troubleshooting I have come up empty handed.

The issue is that randomly, only while playing video games, my screens will flash black for a few seconds and then come back, but in titles with FPS limits my frame cap is halved (example: 144fps becomes 72). It also causes my input binds to flash rapidly back and forth between KBM and controller (I play on an Xbox S/X controller), and gives me massive input delay.

My specs are as follows:

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600

GPU: Asus Dual Nvidia RTX 3060

Mobo: Asus RoG B450-F Gaming II

RAM: 2 16gb sticks of DDR4 ram at 2666 mhz

Storage: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB m.2 drive, and 2TB Western Digital HDD

PC is well cooled, never runs hot, all software and drivers are up to date. CPU, GPU, and RAM are all running at their default clock speeds. Video output is 1440P @144hz and a second monitor running 1080P @60hz.