Mar 16, 2020
So hello there.

I had problem with my pc as the Title says.
I started my pc. It was running like normal. Fans etc..
But my keyboard, mouse and monitor were off. They didnt even notice that pc was "running" and i somehow fixed it. I even thought my motherboard or PCU (power supply) is dead. So i want to share my FIX.
I tried every solution on this site and on other sites i found. Like cmos reset, battery reseat, re-seat everything (ram, graphic card, motherboard, Hard drives.. etc... And nothing worked for me.
I was strugling with my pc for 2-3 days. And finally what i did was just unplug every RAM i have. Then i started it without them. I waited about 1 minute. And turned it off with power button. After that i plugged back my RAMs and turn it on again and it was working for me.

(after that i reinstalled my operating system and deleted everything just to be sure)

I'll be really glad if this Will help u. Cause i know how "painfull" this "error" can be.