Question PC is shorting when plugging in display or rear I/O peripherals ?

May 1, 2022
CPU: Ryzen 1600x OC to 3.9 gHz at 1.4v
Motherboard: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon x370, current bios update.
Ram: Corsair Vengeance c16 2667 OC to 2933 mHz with XMP
SSD/HDD: Western Digital Black 2 TB
GPU: MSI 3060ti Gaming X LHR
PSU: Corsair VS600, brand new.
Chassis: Mastercase Pro 5
OS: Windows 10

This is a strange problem. To preface, I have replaced: GPU and Power-supply in the last week.

Problem began a long time ago, with my pc occasionally half shutting down when something would be bumped or un-plugged, particularly display cables, headphones, or usb. What I mean by half shutting down:

1.) Both my monitors would turn off
2.) My mouse would lose power
3.) My keyboard would keep power but take no inputs
4.) My PC is seemingly still running, sound coming through my headphones
5.) All fans and lights remain on
6.) No bios error
7.) Completely frozen and un-responsive until I manually power-down

I thought my PSU was kicking it, it was coming up on 5 years old. I purchased a 3060ti and a 600W PSU to go with, installed and was on my way.
It did it again.

I really believe this is a motherboard issue, but I'm hoping its not hardware (It probably is).
My display port does not have an active pin 20, and the problem can be caused by the hdmi and my headphone jack. USB peripherals to not seem to be causing the issue anymore.

My motherboard is an MSI-Gaming Pro Carbon x370, about 4 years old now. My mouse is plugged into the USB port directly above the type C, the rear I/O of my board can be found with a google search.

Finally, as of today, my display port monitor faintly flickers at the edges, but not my secondary hdmi. I can create the short by plugging/un-plugging my display cables, headphones. If I move my mouse to a different usb port, it regains power but still no input can be given to my pc. I can trigger this at any point, even in a holding screen confirming a cmos clear. It appears as though the high current inputs and outputs are being disabled, including PCI, although the lights on my gpu stay on.

Update: This has now happened while I was playing Escape from Tarkov, at relatively low cpu usage and temps. The only CPU related cause would be my overclock on my ryzen 1600x, 3.9ghz at 1.4v but this has been stable for a long time (Several weeks) and stress tested.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

When listing the specs to your build, it's advised to list them like so:

Apart from the make and model of the PSU, please state the age of the unit as well. If you've used other units prior, please state their respective makes and models.

You could revert to defaults and see if no overclocks removes the flickering on your platform. Speaking of platform, what BIOS version are you on for your motherboard?
May 1, 2022
Removing the overclock does not remove the flickering, and I am running the most recent BIOS. The power-supply is brand new. This problem also happens on multiple outlets. In past I used a corsair CX500 semi-modular power-supply. It was about 5 years old.

Bumping my pc even the slightest bit causes this now, and it happens randomly when playing something. I guess it's possible something physical is shorting. Will take a look.
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May 1, 2022
I can continuously repeat this crash using the display port or hdmi cables, but intermittently using any of the aforementioned ports. I do not need to be booted, can cause this even in the bios screen.
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