Question PC is so slow, especially when I do things on it that requires internet connection!!


Aug 15, 2018
Okay, so I have this computer with fresh Windows 7 installation. It is really bad computer. It takes hours to load page on Chrome browser, sometimes page won’t even load or my pc just freezes. It is not because of internet. Internet speed on my phone, laptops works fine, but on this computer sucks(it is connected with lan cable, so I assume it should be even faster). Also it shouldn’t be problem with lan cable, because I tested speed with another cable.

The speed is decent when I do something that doesn’t requires internet.
Even photoshop cc can run normally on this PC.

It is just not problem of web browser. For an example when I use Spotify, sometimes mouse just freezes and track that is playing keeps repeating the same line several times. It is veeery annoying. And Spotify very often says that I am offline, when I am not.

main specifications of this pc:
system: Windows 7 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHz
RAM: 1.5 GB
(If there are any other specifications that I need to mention, tell me)
I know that these specifications are pretty bad, but I had literally computer with similar specifications and with less RAM, and it was running waaaay better.

I need to boost speed of this computer, and I want to use it for school needs before I buy new one. This is the only PC that I can use right now, soooo...

So, I just want to know what makes my PC run so slow and if there is any way to fix issue or is there any way just to boost speed a little bit. Thanks!


Well - you have a crazy old computer, probably way above expected lifetime.

Sadly your CPU cannot run 64bit OS, and W7 is not a great choice today.

But - good news still : There are still 32 bit Linux distros that should work on your computer. My personal choices of 32bit distros:
There are other distros as well, mentioned here.