Question PC is stuck at motherboard splash screen.

Jul 28, 2020
Yesterday when my pc was on, but I wasn't using it I heard that the windows connect sound (the sound you hear when you connect a usb device to your pc) was spamming through my headphones. I wasn't really using my pc so I decided to turn it off. When I tried turning it on a few hours later it was stuck at the asrock screen of my motherboard and I couldn't go to bios. I waited for about ten minutes, but still the same problem. I then tried unplugging all usb devices, but still no luck. I have some pretty old ram sticks in my pc, so I thought that could be the problem, but when I tried them separately I still had the same problem. And without any ram there is no video output or any beeps at all. Removing al storage also changes nothing. Removing the little battery on the motherboard for ten minutes also changes nothing. Removing graphics card also seems to change nothing. I think some component is faulty but I'm not sure what component it is.


-gtx 1060 3gb
-asrock h77m-itx
-i5 3570
-kingston 120 GB SSD
- some random old ddr3 ram sticks