Question PC is stuck in a restart loop at home but works fine in PC shop ?

Jul 13, 2022
Hello everyone

My pc was working fine but for some days now it is stuck in a restart loop.
First of let me clear it for you guys --- it is not a components or any issue I checked everything for days. I tried different things but same results.
I 100% believe it is related to the VOLTAGE because if I disconnect all the components with only monitor connected sometimes it does turn on, and after then if I connect the components one by one to check, it doesn't turn on just keeps restarting. If I get to desktop screen and connect the mouse/keyboard & headset later everythings works fine but after 5 mins of use it turns off and then gets stuck on restarting loop again.

I took my pc to a shop and it worked fine there, booted up on the first time with everthing connected, everything was working good. He restarted it 3 or 4 times to check nothing happen and even played a game for 5 mins, all good. But when try to use at home it doesn't boot up. I even changed the power cable and the extension board same result, and I tried plugging it in different rooms but same results. All appliances are working fine AC, Tv fridge everything except this pc

PC specs:
16gb ram
256gb ssd/1tb hard
Rx 460 4gb
Corsair CV650 psu

Please help me fix thisI have no clue how to fix this voltage issue
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