Question PC is stuck in an on and off loop...HELP (psu problem?)


Jul 18, 2018
Hello there, I'll just get to the point straight away.

2 days ago, i was playing gta v with a buddy of mine. We were playing for approximately 7 hours straight. Suddenly my pc just crashed and showed a black screen on the monitor. So i just turned the pc back on thinking maybe the wires moved from their place.
Yet again, the pc literally closed in the middle of the game giving me the black screen on the monitor. I checked my wires and the extension and everything was ok.
When i tried to start up the pc again, it just got stucked on this on and off boot loop.
The temps of my cpu stays from 30 to 65 max
The temps of the gpu stays from 28 to 70 max ( 70 while playing intensive games)
Usually the gpu temps would drop to 61 something when i am not doing any mission so
Its safe to say my gpu isnt causing this problem.
Funny enough sometimes the pc would start up, but either in the middle of watching a youtube
Video or roaming on internet, my pc would froze. Im not able to move my mouse
Nor keyboard, its just stuck. It would sometimes crash again but sometimes it would stuck there
And i have to manually restart it by holding down the power button.
And now the problem has gotten worsened, its stuck on an on and off loop.
I'll try to explain it in such a way that you guys have some visual representation.

As i would press the power button, the case lights would go on, the cpu fans and everything would start
But literally after 2 seconds the lights would just fade away, and it would repeat the process again.
It will keep on going until i dont plug off the wire or hold down the power button for 5 seconds.

Things i have tried :
- cleaning the pc itself. Reapplied the thermal paste and blowed the dust off (wasnt really dirty)
-taking out rams sticks 1 by 1
-taking all the rams out, but the pc wont even boot to a point where it should give me a beep sound.
-taking out the cmos battery
-changing the power supply to an older one, but still, same issue ( note : my old psu sometimes
Did this same issue of suddenly shutting off so i bought a new one 3 months ago and it
Fixed my issue, somehow its happening again)

PC Specs:
-OS : Windows 10 64 bit
-Ram : 8 gb ( 2x4 gb sticks)
-Psu : 500 watts
-Gpu : Gtx 1050 2gb
-Cpu : intel i5 2400 3.1gz
-HDD : 750gb
-Case : dell optiplex 790

A gif to show you people what is happening :

This thing has at me at my wits end. A gif has been attached to show you people whats
Going on. Since i have never seen something like this i am asking here. My guess
Is that this newer psu has failed me too? I guess drop your solutions.
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May 5, 2020
I was having the same problem for a long time, but finally i find the real solution to this annoying issue.

First - You need to enter on the BIOS, to do that PRESS F2 at the beginning of all, the you go to POST BEHAVIOR option, normally is at the end of the LEFT BAR/MENU on the BIOS.
Second - MEBx Hotkey must be ON, if it is activated you can continue. Just restart you PC and really quick go to the step 3.
Third - Press Ctrl + (plus) P, you will enter in the Intel Management Engine BIOS Extension, in a normal situation it will ask you for a password, that password is "admin" without the quotes (Factory key).
Fourth - What we are looking for is the "Intel ME Configuration" Option, press enter on it, then they will show you a warning message and you need to say yes "Y" or no "N" with their respective keys.
Fifth - You need to enter on the "Intel ME State Control", once that is done they will show you two (2) options, DISABLE or ENABLE, you need to select DISABLE, once you do that you can exit from yourself (if the PC don`t do it by itself.)

and that it will be all.