Question PC is suddenly freezing during gaming. Why?

Jul 24, 2019

I know this question was asked before, but no matter on how many forums I looked, nothing was helpful.
My PC suddenly freezes when I'm playing games, any games. It doesn't happen immediately, but after some time
it does and I have to force a restart. Newer games used to crash because of overheating, but I got that problem fixed
by buying a new case. I now have 6 fans that keep things at a normal temperature. I was certain that once I
have better cooling, I won't have issue gaming, yet something popped up again. Could it be that something went
wrong when the specs were swapped to the new case? Like, could it be that something wasn't installed the right way?
I wanna find the roots of the problem before I do something. I wanna get overheating out of the way as well
as the software, everything is updated and I don't have any errors or viruses. Checked before writing this.

A friend suggested that I simply swap the RAM slots since he said he had the same issue and it worked for him. But I
don't wanna do it unless I'm sure that's gonna do the trick. I don't wanna break anything. Or could it be that my
system is generally failing me and the timing with the case is just a coincidence?

My specs are relatively new, except for the MOBO. Also keep in mind this is a budget PC.

CPU: AMD FX 8300 (installed a week ago)
GPU: RX 550 ( installed a year ago)
PSU: nJoy, from the Titan series, 600W (installed 2 weeks ago )
RAM: 12 GB


Did the problems start at a time when you upgraded anything? That power supply is not enough for your build, it claims 600w "Maximum" not continuous. The 12v rail is only 13 amps, that's only 156w! you add that to the 70w on the 5v rail and 49.5w on the 3.3v rail, and your at 275w total...... ( source ) Considering your cpu uses 125w+ i would say the power supply is the main problem at the moment and you shouldn't use it like this or it will likely explode and may take out other components when it does. I can't guarantee it will fix the freezing but it is a problem and will likely burn up at any time.
Jul 24, 2019
I had a faulty PSU so I switched to this one. I asked around if it's gonna be enough and everyone said yes. The problems I had before, related to the PSU were gone after the change. But the issue with the freezing started only after I got the new case. So, my PC was fine after the upgrades, up until this point.