Question PC isn't POSTing after power outage ?


Nov 29, 2020
this gets a bit complicated so bear with me. I did have it on a surge protector but it was an old one, once I get it working again I am going to buy a UPS so that I am definitely protected.

My specs are:

ryzen 5 2600
asus prime x570 pro
corsair vengeance pro 16gb
gigabyte rtx 2070 super wind force oc

So my power went out and when it went back on my pc did not work. my mobo diagnostic lights said it was ram. so i tried new ram, same thing. next I tried a new psu, same thing. i have a spare mobo and cpu which is intel and a spare case, so i put the other mobo and cpu, gpu, storage and ram with old psu into the case. it booted. so i figured it was either cpu or mobo because that’s what i changed. so i got a new cpu and it didn’t work. then i got a new mobo and it didn’t work. it is now saying cpu and ram. (not using intel mobo because it does not have argb header since its old, if it comes to it i’m sure i can find an adapter if necessary, if you know of any please link below.) so i really don’t know what to do now. i’ve tried everything. any suggestions? thank you for your time and help.