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Oct 15, 2019
Hello everyone,

I need assistance with my PC

Yesterday the PC was working normally and i left it powered on, it was not running anything just streaming some music on lowest settings so it was almost on idle mode, suddenly the monitor went out like someone unplugged DP,

Tried restarting it nothing happens, shows symptoms of dead ram,

I went ahead switched the ram position and it started booting, but it had artifacts from top to middle of the screen (Pink color) and it was not lines it was like a lot of dead pixels not to say boxes, i've tried switching DP cable issue is the same, tried using 2 different HDMI 2.0b and issue still remained, after a while of my suffering i tried to use it on my TV, it booted up all screwed up like there were no drivers, as soon as i tried to do anything artifacts showed, also i tried running my monitor on 30 and 60 and 144 mhz like TV on 30 and 60mhz

First i thought that the drivers are the issue and deleted them completely and installed the latest Nvdia drivers, nothing happens.

Since i wasn't lazy i took and reinstalled the whole windows. Now 2nd issue appears, when starts it shows artifacts ONLY when windows is booting, in windows it self everything is ok on that topic but then 2nd issue appears which is im unable to install Nvidia drivers, every time the installation is 100% and done, PC reboots but nothing changes, tried through their official Geforce experience, tried downloading 4 different drivers and installing them manually nothing is happening.

I've monitored the temps of the whole PC itself GPU never goes over 65 when not used etc etc... CPU is around 30 due to AIO, Nothing is clocked everything is stock, Also tried switching GPU slots and just to mention since i was doing some researching i was not in game and got artifacts, day before i was gaming without any issues just happen randomly.

First of all i have to thank you for reading this and do you have any suggestions what could this be?

My specs are:

32gb ddr4 3600mhz
I9 9900k
Aorus Z390 Pro MB
1.2kw PSU

Thank you!


Dec 5, 2015
You have high end, top tier components on your PC and you chose one of the WORST PSUs that you could possible have. A fellow distinguished forum member has said the following:
On the other hand, just because a unit has Titanium 80plus ratings doesn't mean the unit is any good at all. For example, there are Raidmax units with Titanium efficiency and I wouldn't trust one of those to power a light bulb. There are a lot of units like this out there.
You obviously have the money to replace it with a quality PSU. It would be a pity to have that kind of components paired with that garbage PSU. Not to mention that when it will fail, might take something with it.
Use these to buy a decent PSU:,4229.html
Oct 15, 2019
Hey guys, sorry for late response job week has been hell :D

I tested the monitor directly on the MB and it worked without any issues,

Tried to "cheat" the system and check if the issues are really the drivers or the GPU it self, installed the drivers and plugged in the GPU, issue remains.

As the previous guy stated that my PSU is garbage, i would have to disagree with the guy, i never had the issues with Raidmax in my previous 4 PC's i bought, i tested GPU on a different motherboard and different PSU issue remained,

GPU has been sent for repair and current fight about that is on going. Thank you once again your help was much appreciated!

Have a wonderful rest of your week guys!

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