Question PC Issues after Motherboard BIOS update


Jul 25, 2020
I updated my Bios on my B450 motherboard, and ever since ive run into a lot of issues with my PC, such as games not loading right, stuttering (visually and audibly) and other performance issues. I already did a CMOS reset. Any help?

( I am not 100% sure that the BIOS update is the issue, but all these problems started after I did the update.)
Personally, with higher AGESA versions, I am seeing regression. I think it's the same feeling shared in the overclocking community. The ones that work best for me is - 1.20.4. Of course, has the USB diconnect fix and has the vulnerability fix.
I just updated to AGESA 2-3 days ago. The RAM overclock I have been running for the past year was instantly unstable. Exact same settings. I have a screenshot of my settings, I was comparing. 100s of errors within minutes. On something that was TM5 stable for 3 cycles and never gave me any issues. With I'm getting game crashes, bluescreens, the usual instability stuff.

Newer isn't always better. If you have no problems, don't upgrade. I have the same philosophy in terms of GPU drivers. Rarely worth upgrading. Maybe every year or two years. And I have to test 3-4 different drivers to find the non-buggy ones. Doesn't matter if it is Nvidia or AMD.