Question Pc Issues

Mar 23, 2019
Hello there! I have some problems with my pc, and I don't know what causes the problems.
1. Freeze/ HDD 100% usage.
First time when this problem came, was like 2 months ago. I searched around the internet, and i found that, the RAM could be fault.
Ok, I removed all the components, cleaned the slots (for dust), plugged in all the components (& powersupply cables).
After that, my pc worked again, for, aprox. 2 weeks, and the problems start to repeat.
After a while, the image didn't show up on my screen.. I removed the rams, put it back, and worked (the image), but HDD was 100% again.
I noticed that, first time when I removed all of the components, I moved the SATA cable (from HDD), from SATA 1 to SATA 4 (and worked).
What I already do:
a. Removed RAM sticks (2), cleaned (again) their slots.
b. Moved the cable from SATA 1, to 2, 3, 4 (from HDD).
c. Reinstall windows (2-3 times)

2. My GPU don't work.
I got an small GPU from one of my friends. I plugged in, and worked about 2-3 months.
After that, randomly, the image didn't display anymore.. but, the fan worked.
What I already do:
a. Cleaned PCI-e slot.
b. Checked all the monitor connectors (hdmi, vga etc)

What can I do to solve the HDD usage problem?
And, I think the problem is MOTHERBOARD... what do you think?

Pc specs:
CPU: AMD A8-6600k 4.2GHz
GPU: Radeon™ HD 8570D (integrated)
MB: Asrock fm2a58m-vg3+ r2.0
RAM: 2x4gb DDR3 1333MHz
HDD: 1x1TB Seagate
PS: Noname 400W